Born September 22, 1988 in Noblesville, Indiana, Porshia’s exceptional talents quickly started shining through. Being an early bloomer, she began walking like a pro at 8 months old and speaking full sentences and entertaining everyone by her 1st birthday.

With a love for performing, Porshia’s parents enrolled her in gymnastics and dance lessons at the age of 3. Over the next four years she studied tap, jazz, ballet, hip hop, as well as voice, piano, modeling, and acting. Porshia was so dedicated that she would practice her fuetes on the soccer field in between plays.

By the age of 7 she began competing in dance competitions. At the age of 8, Porshia’s beautiful smile and her love for the camera made her a Regional Finalist in a nationwide model search, which landed her first T.V. commercial. Each time she added something to her resume, it was like adding fuel to the fire.

In September 2003, Porshia attended a weekend workshop at her dance studio that would eventually jump-start her professional career. She attended a singing/dancing workshop with J&J Popstarz (JJPZ) headed by Jesselee Santos, one of L.A.’s top dancers/choreopgraphers, and Jonathan George, recording artist/producer and Grand Champion of Ed McMahon’s Next Big Star. Out of the many performers that attended, she was presented a scholarship for her performance abilities and talent. Seven months later, she flew to L.A. for a week of intensive personal training and talent development with JJPZ. With much positive feedback from industry professionals, she was offered an internship with JJPZ.

After much thought and consideration, her parents agreed that it was a dream come true for Porshia to have an opportunity to pursue her career and to train in the heart of the entertainment industry. In August 2004, when she was just 15 years old, Porshia moved to LA under the guardianship of Jonathan and Jesselee of JJPZ.

Several months into her internship, Porshia landed the lead role in “Tabby’s Toyland” sharing the stage with Ed McMahon. She also booked and is currently on tour with recording artist, Lil’ Bubba as a back up dancer. You can also catch her with the all female dance troupe, Vin’yets.

Porshia is working to be a triple threat. She continues to train in acting, dancing, and singing. This young performer will keep you wanting more.